Nicole Griffin



FLORENCE / 43°47′N 11°15′E

Italy was the first European country I explored, it seems like a life time ago... in reality 7 years.

Deciding to study in Prato a small town outside of Florence for 5 weeks was one of the best decisions I've made. We spent so much time exploring the city of Florence, it's history and of course the food.

The thing that I'm still in awe of is how much history is in the streets, every building, every tile, every window has a story. Coming from Melbourne where the oldest building is a mere 180 years old your eyes simply get tired looking at all the detail. 

Pattern and perspective is what I took away from Florence, and looking back at these pictures has made me want to go and let my eyes enjoy these views again. 

A small note from from 20yr old Nicole "Know your Davids, both fake and real can be seen in Florence."