Nicole Griffin



ICELAND / 64°08′N 21°56′W

Iceland is never somewhere I thought I'd go. As a child I'm pretty sure I thought it was an icy wasteland where nobody lived, boy was I wrong.

This little island in the far north is a place of extremes, in winter the sun barely comes up and the soil can barely grow anything. They have to import bees to pollinate their (delicious) tomatoes, which are grown in hydroponic farms, that are run off the thermal energy Iceland is famous for.

Eyjafjallajökull AKA  that glacier/volcano that caused all that drama a few years ago was possibly the most awe inspiring part of Iceland (that I got to see on my short visit). There's something about how unpredictable it is. Slowly creeping inches per year slowly and then suddenly creating havoc and back again to slowly creeping along.